Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The only venomous Primate in the world

Have you heard of a Slow Loirs? Well you may not have heard of one, but quite possibly seen one on a famous youtube clip called 'Tickling the Slow Loris'. The clip shows a woman, who has one as a pet, tickling it and it looks like the Slow Loris is enjoying it. In fact it is in it's defence mode, which is where the Slow Loris freezes.

Unfortunately this video has cause a worldwide rush to want a Slow Loris as a pet and this is endangering its very survival.

Interestingly the Slow Loris has venom and this can kill, also the name Slow Loris is not that accurate. They can actually move very fast covering 8km in one night.

I was lucky enough to hear Dr Anna Nekaris talk at an evening lecture in Devon the other week on her work with the Slow Loris. Dr Nekaris has been working with nocturnal primates, especially the Slow Loris for 20 years. What she doesn't know about the Slow Loris is not worth knowing. It was a fabulous talk and so moving with the problems they face, and inspiring about the work she is doing with with her Little Fireface Project - http://www.nocturama.org

Myself with Dr Nekaris after her amazing talk on the plight of the Slow Loris.

Dr Nekaris made a wonderful BBC documentary about her work, but the most crucial bit was the last 7 minutes about the pet trade in the Slow Loris.

Please watch the video (contains scenes of a distressing nature) of why we must stand up for the Slow Loris and not allow people to have them as pets - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RF9-Dp3unTU

What can you do to save the Slow Loris:

  1. Sign the petition asking YouTube to remove videos of them as pets - http://www.thepetitionsite.com/318/--if-gte-mso-9xml-wworddocument-wviewnormalwview-wzoom0wzoom-wpunctuationkerning/
  2. Follow the work of the Little Fireface Project
    1. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LittleFirefaceProject
    2. Twitter - @littlefireface or Dr Nekaris @queenfireface
    3. Donate to the Little Fireface Project - http://www.nocturama.org/help-the-loris/
    4. Buy some of they great Merchandise - http://www.nocturama.org/help-the-loris/loris-t-shirt-shop/
My new glow in the dark Little Fireface T-shirt

Mini Slow Loris, personally hand knitted by Dr  Nekaris herself

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