Monday, 11 November 2013

Remember them all for the ultimate sacrifice, "They had no choice".

I thought it be fitting to start my blog on remembrance day with a post to remember all that were lost.

I attended the Animal War Memorial at Brookes Gate (Marble Arch) on Sunday 10th November. Some might say 'why are you showing more respect to animals than your fellow man', I say 'I don't, I have them as equal'. Without one we do not have the other, we live in harmony and without animals millions of men & women would not be alive today.

It was a deeply moving service and the memorial itself is an incredible site. The £2 million monument unveiled in 2004 depicts animals struggling on one side and free on the other. It is a truly impressive scene and I would urge anyone to visit this and not be moved by what you see and read. The 100 or so people that were there honouring the fallen were from all walks of life including current and ex-servicemen.

One soldier at the service was remembering the dog he had by his side while serving in Afghanistan. He knew he would probably not be alive if that dog was not by his side, sniffing out mines, alerting of danger and most importantly being his best friend. He wanted to pay his respects to all that served with him.

Let me say that I have the up most respect for every member of our armed service, but we must not forget the role that animals have played and continue to play. The horses that carried the wounded from the battlefield, the dogs that sniffed out mines, the camels that carried equipment over the deserts, the mice that were sent down tunnels to check if it was safe, the mules dragging artillery around the trenches. The list goes on, but one thing is for sure, millions would not be alive today if not for the sacrifice animals gave, and remember - "They Had No Choice".

So next year why not wear a purple poppy next to your red poppy and show respect for all.

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