Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Fish nets don't just catch fish!

Just 72 hours after witnessing beautiful green turtle hatchlings racing from the beach to the ocean I get to see a full grown adult. Unfortunately this encounter happened because a fisherman had been night fishing and two had got caught in his net. Luckily our Director is passionate about turtles and has been telling the fisherman that if they cut them free she will pay to repair their nets.

So after hearing about these turtles I race to the beach, fling my shoes and socks off and run into the water getting my trousers soaking wet in the process. My first thought was, WOW that is a massive turtle and I couldn't believe they can go from being so small to so big. This guy had already had the netting cut from around it and was being released back to the ocean. Then a slightly smaller turtle was brought out of the small wooden boat and was heavily entangled in plastic netting. The fisherman worked hard to cut the turtle free and within 3 minutes they had succeeded and away it went.

This is an example of how education and incentive within the local communities can help save precious species from decreasing.

First turtle free of the net

Being set free

Once off the sand moved fast to get back to the ocean

The second smaller turtle caught in a lot of netting

Fisherman struggling to free it

A lot of netting to cut free

Doesn't look injured

Netting almost free

Last little bit to go

The turtle is free and sent off to freedom




The fisherman return to water

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