Tuesday, 1 July 2014

4 months in, must be time for a holiday

Month four has been a fantastic time in my African adventure, but that time is certainly going fast as I now only have 8 weeks left till I head on home.

This month kicked off with the amazing weekend of beach games, drinking, music and beautiful sunshine called “Diani Rules”; see some photos and read more about it here.

Diani Rules team photo

Hugo chased away a baboon who tried to attack Chip, he is one brave man and you can read about his troop here. I learnt how to cook Kenyan cuisine with our resident chef for an article on Vegan food in Kenya; so many of their dishes are naturally vegan like Sukuma Wiki and Kachumberi. The old school gym at Colobus Conservation is getting some use, I am talking a log as a bench, and iron bars with cement as weights.

Hugo (left) standing up to the baboon (right)

Omari with some traditional Kenyan food

The 2014 Brazil World Cup is underway and watching the games on the beach is great, however the games are on quite late meaning sleep has had to take a back seat lately. It is really interesting watching the games with so many different nationals; we have Dutch, German, French, Swiss, Ivory Coast, English, Chile, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, Nigeria and USA.

However, the biggest highlight of the month and of my entire trip is definitely the visiting of my parents and girlfriend Lara. Seeing them arriving at the airport was fantastic and the next ten days was a great holiday. We visited Kaya Kinondo (a sacred forest) and learnt about how you can use the different plants for medicine, use strong vines for swings and visited a traditional village.

Sniffing leaves that help clear sinesus 
Swinging on a vine

Visiting a traditional Kenyan village

I went on Safaris in Shimba Hills and Tsavo East National Parks where I walked to a waterfall and saw the rare Sable antelope, Masai Giraffes, Elephants, Lions, Buffalo, lots of herd animals and colourful birds. It was an incredible experience and so wonderful to see all these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Learning how to collect fecal samples for parasite analysis also featured this month.

Waterfall at Shimba Hills National Park

A pair of black-faced sandgrouse, male in the front

Masai Giraffe

Herd of elephants

One month old elephants

A superb starling

Lion cubs waiting on a rock for parents

A female lion 

The view from our lodge in Tsavo East National Park

A group of Zebras

You can see all my photos of my time in Kenya on my Flickr page here -http://bit.ly/1dpb3gd

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