Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hence forth you shall be known as.....

I am currently following three different groups of the Angolan black & white colobus monkey, two largely unknown and one known extremely well. So well in fact that they all have names and are seen almost every day in and around the Colobus Conservation site.

Following the colobus group around the site

I have been given the honour of naming a new male that has entered into this well known group, and to release him from the shackles of his old name (or code to be more accurate); C115.

After deliberating for a few days on whether I should go English name, Swahili name or Swahili word I opted for the latter. Before revealing this name I should probably go into a bit more detail regarding his personality; as that is what I wanted to represent within his new title.

He is a large adult male and has more than likely joined the group with an idea of taking it over. He sits on the fringes of the group, a tree or two away, biding his time before moving in closer to perhaps rattle the current alpha male. He gets chased away regularly by the resident alpha, but slowly and surely he makes his way back to the fringe. On thing is for sure, while C115 is around you can guarantee there will be trouble.

Hence forth C115 shall be known as:

(means trouble or trouble maker)

C115 or now Matata

Matata in his more relaxed state

The colobus group with Matata down the bottom on the fringe

Check back to learn more about the group and how Matata is getting on in the coming weeks.

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