Friday, 10 January 2014

#Apeweek - Day 5 Round up of the great apes

This week I have been writing and promoting the plight of the great apes that we share this planet with.

They are all under threats from similar things that include logging, poaching and habitat destruction. They all have large ranges or territories that they travel in for food and shelter. The loss of their habitats goes beyond just losing the great apes, but also the thousands of plant and animal species that live within those habitats. By saving the great apes we are working to save the biggest ecosystems in the world; and ourselves

Here is what you may have missed during the week:

Day 1: The Bonobo -

Day 2: The Gorilla -

Day 3: The Orangutan -

Day 4: The Chimpanzee -

What is it you think needs to be done to ensure we don't lose our distant cousins forever? Don't let the work of people like Dian Fossey and Jim Cronin fail.

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